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“A seminal folk record, vivid and gritty” Listening Through The Lens
Lauded songwriters in their own right, Luke Watt & Nigel Wearne join forces to go Above The Bit. Skirting the fringes of blues, country and outlaw folk, they channel the fire of Billy Bragg, the poetry and clang of Tom Waits and the spirit of Woody Guthrie. Above The Bit shines a light on true tales of mutiny and civil disobedience in Australian history.

Nigel Wearne is "one of Australia's emerging songwriters" (Tone Deaf) and Luke Watt is "the real deal… so real you feel you already know him" (ABC Radio). Together, they tap into the psyche and emotive fabric of their subjects, harnessing the power of narrative and verse with an informed historical approach and social conscience. Some tales don’t heal unless they’ve been told.

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