nigel wearne



"warmth flecked with grit" – 4 STARS Rolling Stone

Nigel Wearne saunters after dark in the music of the night, blending blues, folk and Americana-noir. Hailing from Gunditjmara country in the deep south of Australia, he's a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with diverse influence from Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Gillian Welch. A deep thinker and truth speaker, with a penchant for all things peculiar.

He sings of human frailty, grace and the cosmos; songwriting that cuts to the bone. His sophomore album, Black Crow garnered wide critical acclaim including a 4-STAR review in Rolling Stone, a nomination for Best Country Album at the Music Victoria Awards and it debuted at #1 on the AMRAP Charts.


Singer-songwriter, luthier, poet and gleaner; Wearne paints lyrical pictures with “the narrative-fuelled prose of Paul Kelly” – Beat Magazine. “An eruption of engergy, rhythm and melody” – Rhythms Magazine.

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