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“Breathtakingly forlorn lyricism” – Toronto Music Report

Folk music reminds us of where we came from and informs us about where we’re going –– or at least that’s the bracing ethos of Montreal-based band Rosier. Formerly known as Les Poules à Colin, Rosier are reclaiming and interpreting the romantic traditions of Québécois folk. Having spent their formative years wrapped in rich, untouched musical traditions, Rosier injects exuberant color into familiar folk sounds.

They've performed across Canada, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, amassing impressive international experience. Having earned recognition in their own community, Rosier continues to explore the connections between Québec folk and a mix of indie, jazz, pop, bluegrass and contemporary styles. They immerse us in their universe through original compositions, sophisticated arrangements, harmonic progressions and reinvented traditions, connecting generations through origin and craft.

Rosier Vertical- Credits Marc-André Thibault(1).jpg
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