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Fuelled by a fiercely uncommon authenticity and limitless vision for the magnitude of her craft, violinist and vocalist, Xani is simply brilliant. Her unbridled joy and onstage energy is spellbinding. Mesmerising adventures into the spaces between pop, jazz, electronic and chamber music, are coloured by contrasts of the ferocity of her instrumental output and the unassuming warmth of her voice.


Drawing parallels with the ethereal, multi-skilled likes of Camille, Björk and Australian legend of song-and-stage, Tim Minchin, pedals, effects and completely improvised live sets are all home turf for Xani, a true musician of the rarest skill. She's toured Japan, to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, NYC and she's appeared at music festivals all around Australia. She is currently the violinist for the hit musical, "Come From Away".

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